05 Sep 2019

September 5th, 2019 Meeting Minutes

Notes taken by Taylor in vim 8 people in attendance, including: alu, taylor, sweeney, spacedog, dolphin, aerospice, tank21, kell, and backbutten 6:00 PM, On a Thursday, 2225 Kohrman Hall


  • we have minecraft server.

like and subscribe

  • we are active on social media again
  • the twitter and Facebook are ccowmu.
  • our website is cclub.cs.wmich.edu.

lamp update

  • lamps have been ordered
  • we have 4 desk lamps and 2 standing lamps

cluster update

  • we approved a cluster last week
  • the cluster is on its way
  • we need to have Alex give an after meeting talk to teach people how to use it

rso bbq cookout

  • goldsworth valley pond
  • Sunday, sept 8 at 4:30 - 6:30
  • standard barbecue and give the freshmen free food.
  • come if you want
  • anyone is welcome

csaw new york competition

  • hacking an RFID control system enabling access to secure area
  • registration deadline sept 15
  • qualification sept 22
  • qualifying teams receive travel awards to travel to new york city
  • $500 to $1000 in prizes
  • spacedog is interested in making a team pm spacedog if interested

engineering expo

  • sept 25
  • it runs from 10:00-5:00 and takes over Parkview
  • many companies will have either internships or full-time jobs
  • there are over 140 companies there

jcpenny suit up

  • Sunday, Sept 15
  • ID required
  • save up to 60%

practice interviews (see wmich email)

  • there was an email
  • sept 17, 18, 19
  • sign up through handshake

kahrl’s senior design team

  • design a printed circuit board which will fit on the map board
  • this is comparable to scratch
  • we are trying to make it easier to not screw up the hardware
  • there may be costs associated with prototyping
  • the club would take the project over after the senior design team
  • we don’t have a cost yet, but will be discussed soon
  • this could be a grate project


  • right now, we only take cash or PayPal for membership dues
  • we don’t think the payment format is stopping people from joining
  • the drawback is more work for the officers
  • we don’t think PayPal is a dead service
  • Alu suggested getting a card swipe system to take cards


  • we want to figure out what we do for dinners
  • we want to get pizza every once in a while, and then have dinners the rest of the time
  • dinner wasn’t planned last week but 7 people showed up at wings
  • want some time to chill in the room
  • we could have people play games after dinner
  • we will go to dinner next week!!

icpc team

  • Doctor Trenary wants a small group of students to compete in this contest
  • this is similar to what you may get in an interview
  • you get a pamphlet of 6 or 7 programs in 3 hours
  • spacedog went there last year
  • if you are interested please contact spacedog
  • qualifier is in this room October 5

after meeting talks

  • we need more after meeting talks
  • we want people from the field to speak
  • level data wants to come by and talk about things they use
  • after meeting talks are not limited from the outside
  • show us what you think is cool
  • backbutton will give a talk on SQL
  • to get a spot please see officers
  • spacedog is giving a talk on making a chat bot next week


  • hackathon
  • program something over 3 days
  • if you are interested please talk to dolphin
  • dolphin will create a channel in riot
  • you can create fun or silly stuff


  • wali(western arospace initiative) is working on building a satellite
  • first meeting is in g204 please come
  • we need programmers!!
  • we have lots to do
  • you will get outside of your comfort zone and is a good resume builder
  • this is a good learning space
  • we can divide the load if more come in

office command

  • we have a command in our chat which is supposed to tell who is in this room physically
  • would be nice to have it fixed for my benefit and for new members to see who is in the room before they come
  • the software on our router is a piece of garbage