07 Nov 2019

November 7th, 2019 Meeting Minutes

Notes taken by Taylor in vim

12 people in attendance dolphin, spacedog, presto, sweeney, sphinx, aerospice, alu, taylor, backbutton, synthabit, kahrl

6:00 PM, On a Thursday, 2225 Kohrman Hall

special guest?

  • nishant gupta
  • from quicken loans
  • my team leader
  • need some people
  • if you are interested, they have both full time and internship positions
  • see the jobs room if you are interested
  • based in downtown Detroit
  • also have system administrator positions

current events

spring registration

  • open
  • walk in advising tomorrow morning

robotics club

  • Fridays 2PM
  • F208
  • this club exists
  • weekly meetings
  • compete in contests
  • talk to spacedog

dean search update

  • new committee has been formed
  • sphinx is on it
  • at least one student is on it

possible engineering student government

  • would be in charge of funding allocation
  • current method is dean
  • dean was allocated 35k and gave 55k
  • not lots of details
  • seeking feedback
  • this isn’t WSA
  • could be possible down side
  • as plans evolve you can talk to them as needed
  • may hold by weekly or weekly meetings

kzoo software developers meetup

  • tue, November 19
  • “how do I UX?” talk
  • a few hours, pizza, networking

club events

club deep cleaning

  • Saturday and Sunday
  • will take inventory and only throw away actual garbage
  • will give people the chance to claim what’s rightfully theirs
  • auction off the rest with the intention of throwing it away after that
  • the time is fuzzy but see chat if you are interested

club business

new router

  • it’s set up, test it out
  • the WIFI is Avalon
  • login and use it
  • the voting will be a good test
    • need to integrate with office bot

new chairs/headphones

  • have been ordered, should arrive early next week

bernhard center display cases

  • December, march, April
  • old computers and a poster?
  • thinking about march

update on MWC3

  • dawn has replied
  • would like to work with us
  • the theme is syber security *usually the 3rd Friday of each month

update on Parkview demo station

  • money basically guaranteed now
  • about 5kish
  • move our current equipment to pview and replace it with money
  • buy something to show on a table
  • condition: has to be something that would be a good demo for the school’s CS department
    • vr system
    • syber security attach defense system
    • we need something that can go on a table for bronco bash
    • use led strips like sorting algorithm with sound


  • sphinx
  • don’t think it will survive any longer
  • at some point josh will not be around any longer
  • doctor car is totally down for making a 3-credit class

tutor/assistant job next semester

  • help taylor handle the possibly inaccessible IDE files
  • Anything else that I may need help with
  • Doctor Hardin would be your boss


  • roadhouse