20 Feb 2020

February 20th, 2020 Meeting Minutes

Notes taken by Taylor in vim

13 people in attendance spacedog, dolphin, kahrl, alu, john_constantine, zurek, sphinx, girrocks,taylor

6:0 PM, On a Thursday, 2225 Kohrman Hall

club events

midterm study party

  • February 21 (tomorrow!)
  • pizza AND donuts
  • popular event

club business

pview demo station

  • most of the stuff is here
  • led sorting matrix stuff
  • new computers except for cases
  • almost got all parts for the new pcs
  • Oculus are out of stock because of the corona virus in china
  • hard to represent coding in a display setting

modular synth

  • just arrived today
  • will work out a time to build it
  • date will be scheduled for a build event soon

stickers are here

  • stickers are here
  • plenty left
  • if you take one, you must stick it some ware


  • engineering intern at Iterable
  • Sanfransysko
  • skills:
  • fluent in a language and can switch easily
  • work:
  • user interface (JS,HTML,CSS)
    • backend (Data processing, query compilation/optimization)
    • frameworks for stability and performance testing

summer internships

  • apply for internships
  • many government internships
  • another good tool for jobs is the federal jobs website
  • [usajobs.gov is the website to apply for government jobs]
  • Zoetis needs more people

more tips

  • every job listing is a wish list and they try to look for an ideal canidate

doctor Hong

  • doctor Hong interview tomorrow for full time position
  • wants to create a program for women in computer science


  • roadhouse