15 Oct 2020

October 15th, 2020 Meeting Minutes

Notes taken by Taylor in vim

10 people in attendance: Ccow Mu, Girrox, Zurek, Cameron Johnson, Kessler, alu, Taylor, backbutton, kahrl

6:00 PM, On a Thursday, on google meet

register to vote/vote early

  • https://wmich.turbovote.org/?r=computer-club-at-wmu
  • you should vote!
  • you still get a sticker
  • rso contest for voter registration by wsa

pfizer internship

  • preference to senior/grad students, but anyone who has completed sophmore year is welcome to apply
  • looks like they have positions for any engineering major
  • last day to apply is November 11 for summer internship
  • check jobs or handshake to apply


  • western aerospace launch initiative
  • specifically reached out to by Max
  • communications and command and data handling team, even flight software development
  • no experience needed
  • looks great on a resume
  • check jobs to learn more

Indy Autonomous Challenge

  • www.indyautonomouschallenge.com/
  • no minimum experience
  • ROS, DDS, SCADE, computer vision
  • see jobs

github student developer pack

  • get it
  • Microsoft azure $100 credit
  • learn to code websites
  • unity plan
  • much more!

midterm study party plans

  • virtual?
  • open space to eat pizza in?
  • long event with shifts or short event with everyone?
  • we are going to decide date soon

small error in last weeks minutes

  • the meeting location should have stated in the tent at parkview and not at 2225 kohrman

girrocks and vp of finance

  • taking break from school
  • still vp of finance

alu with Disney Animatronics