12 Nov 2020

November 12th, 2020 Meeting Minutes

Notes taken by Taylor in vim

11 people in attendance: Zurek, Back Button, Andrew Hazlett, Scott Linder ,DrewR, Alu, Kahrl, Spacedog, Taylor

6:00 PM, On a Thursday, on google meet

new member

  • we have a new member of club!

CEAS Faculty / Staff / Peer Recognition Nominations

  • Outstanding Full-time CEAS Faculty Member
  • Outstanding Part-Time CEAS Faculty Member
  • Outstanding CEAS Staff Member
  • Outstanding CEAS Registered Student Organization (RSO) Advisor
  • Outstanding CEAS Peer Support
  • Link: https://wmich.co1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_8ogcTmS58SkUS7H
  • Deadline: Friday, Nov 20

Contacted New Khorman building coordinators

  • I did it
  • Darcy retired