04 Mar 2021

March 4th, 2021 Meeting Minutes

Notes taken by Taylor in vim

18 people in attendance: Zurek, Back Button, Ioannis Nearchou, Girrockss, Kahrl, Drew R, Andrew Hazlett, aron lawrence, Allie Kalhorn, taylor

6:00 PM, On a Thursday, on google meet

aiaa presentation

  • happening
  • mar18 6:00 pm
  • rachel.a.cavan@wmich.edu register to that email

ceas blood drive

• 12-5

  • $10 gift card
  • appointments required and can register
  • https://bit.ly/WMUSAVESLIVES

pico ctf

  • mar16
  • beginner friendly
  • join ctf room if interested

science Olympiad

  • usually hosts the cs stuff
  • game on game jam hour long
  • scratch
  • needs 1 or 2 people to help
  • event mar20
  • if you want to help, ping spacedog

Scholarship for undergrads extendd april 1

  • https://wmich.edu/cs/scholarships
  • All Computer Science and Cybersecurity Undergraduate students can apply that meet the eligibility requirements. Eligibility requirements can be found on the scholarship page (see link above).

Fall registration

  • next week starts
  • see email