30 Sep 2021

September 30th, 2021 Meeting Minutes

Notes taken by Duke

12 people in attendance

6:00 PM, On a Thursday, 2225 Kohrman Hall

Campus Car Parade

  • this saturday- 9:00-12:00
  • go and represent
  • donuts provided
  • Goldsworth valley ponds

WMUx Student IT Position

  • looking for student for IT position on Handshake
  • advanced computer knowledge
  • working to support 70 staff members
  • longer term position

Women in Physics Conference


  • new tutoring called CircleIn
  • basically a groupchat with other students for classes to get help


  • try to do our own hackathon
  • for high schools and local peoples
  • good opportunity for the club to sponsor it
    • outreach


  • Duke is studying abroad in the spring
  • will need new secretary for the spring
  • nominations next week
    • think about who would be good
    • voting following week


still wear masks

  • same procedures basically
  • 75% of campus is vaccinated so far
    • higher than Kalamazoo
  • show badge when you are asked
  • if you are vaccinated, don’t get tested at Sindicuse, its expensive

jazz lab band concert next Tuesday at 7:30 if you want to listen - Duke is playing

Dinner @ Wings @ 7:00

  • dinner recommendations welcome