04 Nov 2021

November 4th, 2021 Meeting Minutes

Notes taken by Duke

10 people in attendance

6:00 PM, On a Thursday, 2225 Kohrman Hall

Lost CMU game but Animal Crossing came out so its ok


  • sold 50
  • put money into bank account
  • $800 profit yay


  • some problem
  • was it fixed? Sphinx?

Open House

  • November 5th 12:00-3:00
    • another on the 12th
  • Parkview lobby
  • show up to help recruit peoples

DENSO Practice interview

  • practice interview on Wednesday the 10th for juniors and seniors
  • register to get a slot on Handshake


  • helpdesk job
  • evenings, weekends, and during breaks
  • apply on Handshake

Bernard center job

  • hiring someone to help around
  • ask Drew for more information

Password Reset

  • You can now change your password if you want
  • /passwd to change it

Vaccine Clinic

  • CAES working with Sindicuse for this clinic
  • Thursday 11th and Tuesday 16th
  • most likely at Parkview
  • sign up for times online
  • can get flu shots too


  • if you want to help with the server or would just like to learn about it
    • ask Alu and/or Drew

Synth project

  • will buy all the parts soon
  • will start to put it together soon

Meeting over at 6:15

Dinner @ Bells @ 6:30