17 Feb 2022

February 17 2022 14 People in attendance Minutes taken by acp

Pie Eating Contest

  • Pie eating contest happening on March 14.
  • Hopefully we will be able to do a fund raiser during event
  • Perhaps we can send someone to join contest

Western Weekend

  • Saturday April 2nd for admitted students
  • Event for entire University, not just CEAS
  • On main campus, full day event
  • Engineering students will be sent to parkview
  • Students will be encouraged to speak to RSOs on campus
  • Students will go to Reed Fieldhouse for performance at end of day

Science Olympiad

  • Our event will be called WiFi Lab
  • Students will arrive with a prebuilt antenna
  • March 19, on a Saturday


  • Hackathon planning continues
  • Website has been worked on by Ming
  • Still looking for people to work on events

Programming Contest

  • Contest being run by Dr. Shen
  • They do not need more people this semester
  • However they want us to know about it and maybe get interested in the future
  • Students are provided with a list of several challenging problems
  • You generally cannot solve all of them because they are very challenging
  • Contact Dr. Shen if you are interested in getting involved


  • Katie and Kristin are RSO advisors
  • We may be able to talk with them regarding the CTF team
  • They may host a CTF which we could help with
  • We may also be able to participate in a CTF they host
  • We think they are from the Business College
  • Flay may be a good person to talk to for starting CTF team if we are interested


  • Sold some MSPs today
  • Unkown number where sold, not a lot
  • We will likely have to sell more next week
  • Students may have to return to purchase blacktops as well
  • Stryker is “booked until March” No date was given
  • We may not be able to rely on them to fab the boards
  • Kahrl and aerospice have been looking into stenciling the SMT components to do it manually
  • Unfortunately work that was done on the small blacktop parts did not work as well as we were hoping
  • Buyback has been established at $30, we may lose money on this one.
  • May move to JLCPCB for future fabrications
  • Dr. Gupta may send out email to alumni let them know we are looking for blacktop buybacks

# The Failed Coup

  • The coup from last week has failed
  • The revolutionaries were crushed
  • Old regime restored