29 Sep 2022

Minutes for Sept 29 2022 Minutes taken by acp

Game Jam

  • Game Jam starts this weekend, starts at 6PM on Sept 30, goes until Oct 3rd at 12AM (Sunday at Midnight)
  • There is a google form to submit themes in #ccawjam
  • Currently being run by Spacedog, so ask him about clarifying questions.
  • Shaggy offering to supply unity assets for people who are interested in utilizing them
  • Any engine or technology can be used
  • Everyone will vote on the games after they are submitted and played

Mental Health Week

  • Next week is Mental Health Week
  • Generally being run by the WSA
  • ExperienceWMU is where a majority of this stuff is posted
  • Usually the have interesting events like therapy dogs and fun things at the flagpoles


  • Sold launchpads and blacktops today
  • Currently waiting on approval from PCBWay
  • Sphinx will collect rest on Tuesday

Graduation Applications

  • Application to graduate in Spring are due in a few days
  • Please submit those SOON if you want to graduate in the Spring