16 Mar 2023

Minutes for Mar 16th, 2023

Minutes taken by crosstangent

Members in attendance: crosstangent, alu, acp, estlin, rezenee, girrockss, kahrl, aerospice, samthesaxman, rlilleyman, +3 others

Science Olympiad

This Saturday (03/18) is Science Olympiad, from 12:15-1:05 in Room 1910 Sangren Hall. We will need help administrating the event and grading tests.


Next weekend (03/26) is Hackathon. It will be in the Bernhard Center West Ballroom 8am-8pm (or thereabouts).

We would like to do class visits next week to promote Hackathon. Let alu know if you are available to do so and flyers will be provided.

The budget for Hackathon will be submitted tonight so we can get money from WSA.

Giving Day

Giving Day is on 04/12. People will be able to donate through RSOs.

Money Talk

We have two portions of money that the Dean’s Office owes us. Giving Day money from last year, and a reimbursement for Science Olympiad. The Dean’s Office was confused about Science Olympiad reimbursement receipts and would like to provide us purchasing power directly instead. The Giving Day money is sitting in a bank account run by the Dean’s Office, so we’ll need to contact them if we want to spend it.

We also owe $300 to the university library because they accepted a package for us. To settle this debt, our options are to transfer money through the WMU account or to write a paper check. kahrl gave a wonderful talk about how banks work, but the important part is that paying our debts through the university makes things much easier for us.

$500 would remain as Dean’s Office money after our debt is cleared. The WSA is expected to provide us money for renting the Bernhard Center for Hackathon, but if not, we’ll pay through the Dean’s Office.

Fall Registration

Fall registration is now open for seniors. Walk-in advising is available for College of Engineering students.

The last day to withdraw from a class is 03/20.

Student Success Hub

The Student Success Hub launched today. Future advising appointments must be made through the Student Success Hub.

Student Events

Our next student event is 03/24. Reminder: we’re receiving $1300 if we attend every one.

Extra Special Boardgame Day

Regular boardgame nights are hosted on Tuesdays at 19:00. An extra special all-day board game event will be hosted on Saturday 03/26, the day before Hackathon. Anyone is welcome to bring boardgames.

Go to estlin or crosstangent with any questions.


jeon has their radio show tonight (and every Thursday) at 23:00. samthesaxman has their radio show tomorrow (and every Friday) at 12:00.