30 Mar 2023

Minutes for Mar 23rd, 2023

Minutes taken by crosstangent

Members in attendance: crosstangent, alu, acp, estlin, girrockss, kahrl, aerospice, chago, rezenee, rlilleyman, rober


Hackathon went well. Congratulations to crosstangent (me!) and estlin for winning “Best Overall”. Congratulations to noshave for winning “Best Using Hardware”. Congratulations to alu for winning “Best Using External Service”.

Thanks to the WSA for giving us funding. Talk to acp for more information about running WSA-funded events in future.

Hackathon snacks are available in the room. All snacks from the Hackathon are available for free; the snacks will be labelled appropriatelly so it is clear to everyone which snacks are free and which must be paid for.

New Bronco Cards

Starting next Fall, the current Bronco IDs will be phased out. Everyone should have received an email to vote on what the next version of the card should look like. Voting is possible until 04/05.

All cards created before 06/01 will be deactivated on 11/01. Be sure to check whether your current swipe-access rolls over to your new card when you get one.

Direct any questions to the Chief Public Safety Officer.

Student Events

Two more Student Events will be occuring. The next one is this Saturday (04/01). If you plan on attending, keep an eye out because we might not be in our usual spot.

The final Student Event is on 04/14.

Dr. Carr has had Michelle write a cheque to us for $1000, and we are also receiving another $300 from the Office of Student Engagement.

Learn Servers

Anyone who wishes to learn about Club servers: look out for a message in #officers. We are attempting to schedule a day to have alu teach people.


Two Summer internships are available at Pax8, posted by hush. Both hush and cokezero work at Pax8 currently, and it is reportedly a very nice place to work.

Dean’s Office + CS Dept Money

We used money from the Dean’s Office to pay for a package that the Library accepted for us. We still have another $550. alu suggests that we spend money on a miniature arcade cabinet, and aerospice has volunteered to help with sourcing parts if that is what we decide to use funding on.

Giving Day

Giving Day is on April 12th. It is possible to donate directly to Club, and there are various bonus rewards for people who do so.


Elections will be coming up quite soon. Nominations will begin next week and will be open from 4/6 to 4/13. Election Day will be on 4/20.

Finals Week - No Meeting

There will be no meeting during Finals week.

Arcade Passes

We have twelve free passes to go to the arcade in Gobels. Take a few if that sounds like something you would like.