20 Apr 2023

Computer Club at WMU Minutes for Apr 13th, 2023

Minutes taken by crosstangent

Members in attendance: crosstangent, alu, acp, rezenee, caligula, estlin, kahrl, zurek, comrade, arun, aerospice, jeon, cade, bluebell, girrockss, flay, rober

Book Club

Club will be starting a book club. Join the #bclub channel to learn more and recommend books.

Game Bounty

strongth has provided a bounty to beat the original Xbox version of Metal Slug 3. Earn up to $250 in donations for Club by completing various levels or building a machine learning tool that can beat the game independently.

Student Ambassadors and Tutors

Scott is looking for Student Ambassadors over the Summer.

Furthermore, the Student Success Center is also still looking for tutors. Tutoring for a given class requires a B or better in that class.

Bronco Bash and Passport Day

Bronco Bash happens during welcome week, but Passport Day will be before that. We want to attend both of them to engage with students and recruit new members.

Arcade Cabinets

Hopefully we will have our miniature arcade cabinet completed by Passport Day and we can take it with us. At some point, we will also need to arrange for the large arcade cabinet to be transported from Parview (where it has been in storage for this past semester’s Student Events) to Club room.

New Cash Drawer

estlin has proposed the purchase of a new cash drawer. It should be able to lock and also interface with our point-of-sale system.

This purchase was approved, with a total cost of $40.

Board Game Night

Special board game night on Saturday (04/22) at 12:00 noon. girrockss will be making waffles.

Regular board game nights are hosted on Tuesdays at 19:00.


Elections were held. The results were as follows:

  • President: crosstangent (Sebastian Smiley)
  • Vice-President: rezenee
  • Treasurer: estlin
  • Vice-Treasurer: arun (Arundeep Singh)
  • Secretary: jeon

The following positions will now be the only ones on the PNC account:

  • President
  • Treasurer
  • Vice-treasurer
  • RSO Advisor