07 Sep 2023

Minutes for August 31, 2023

Minutes taken by rezenee and edited by crosstangent

Members in attendance: rezenee, crosstangent, sphinx, kahrl, rober, hoken, backbutton, bella, nabihah, raif rosman, teddyg, christopher pulka, lemonislost, ayobamiu, girrockss, johnlemon

Meeting Start 6:05

Important Dates

Drop/Add deadline

Today (Sept 7) is the last day to add or drop classes.

Western events

Women in Engineering 6:06

On Sept 20, Wednesday in Floyd Hall Room D132.

ABET Accredtion 6:07

People from the ABET board visiting to know if the CS program is up to scratch. Interviewing current students

Digital Technology Merit Badge 6:08

We have been asked to help out a local scouts team earn a merit badge. Robert Tuttle is running the event; estlin will be helping so contact them for more information.

cclub Events

Board games 6:09

Every monday at 6pm in club room (2225 Kohrman Hall). Maybe Mille Fiori or Bohnanza, but we are open to other suggestions.

Book Club 6:09

Every other week, with the next one being on Tuesday Sept 12th at 8pm, online. We are reading Classic Papers in Computer Science and The Last Question by Isaac Asimov.

Game Jam 6:10

On Sept 28th there will be talks from alumni about making a game, including discussions about game design and an overview of Unity. The Jam will then run until October 1st.

Linux Talk 6:11

A talk by rezenee will be given next meeting (Sept 14th). It will let people unerstand linux as more than a black box in a VM.

Free Stuff 6:11

Free textbooks are available through O’Reilly and the GitHub Student Pack is another source of free stuff for students


Welcome! 6:12

welcome newbies!!! please join thx :)

Fridge 6:12

Tomorrow, the old fridge will be taken away.

Resin Printer Donation 6:13

A small resin printer is available for donation. An interested party should contact any officer.