05 Oct 2023

Minutes for October 5, 2023

Minutes taken by estlin.


  • estlin
  • rezenee
  • crosstangent
  • ayobaimu
  • hoken
  • praneetha
  • kahrl
  • girrockss

WMU info

Open house

First open house tomorrow from 12:30-3:00, crosstangent and rezenee will be there, would be great to have others to come talk to high school students. There’s more on Oct 27, Nov 10, and Dec 1 (all Fridays).

Spring schedules

Spring schedule released on Monday, Oct 9. Advising appointments have been opened, so make an appointment with your advisor.

Club business


Don’t currently have a secretary, jeon is MIA. Nominations are now open for new secretary. Crosstangent nominated hammer, estlin seconded.

Game Jam winner

MrMarble wins with Free Mind, please contact crosstangent to claim your prize.


We’re going to dinner at Wings at 6:45.