09 Nov 2023

Minutes for Computer Club meeting on November 2, 2023

Minutes taken by hammer.


Reznee Hammer Crosstangent ACP Alu Poisson Zathras Backbutton Caligula Hogan Nick

WMU info

RSO fair November 12th 12:30PM back of valley 3 parking lot

cclub business

Book Club: Classic whitepapers & sci-fi story Board games every monday @ 6PM Stop recycling your candy wrappers, water bottles are also not recyclable

special guest

Nick from wmu makers club on campus makerspace needs club members meeting this frday student center some time in the afternoon

Sebestain’s talk: persinal finance

Hes not your personal finance guy

Why is it important? Stuff costs money, fininaial freedom peace of mind prepardness career flexibility retirement (hopefully) best time to save money A long term setup

Spend less than you make how much you save is just as important as how much you make have an income, stay in the black (positive income) You can measure where your life style can be having an income helps you build wealth

Choose where your money goes: its resource allocation Focus on needs and loves (food, housing, stuff you love) try cuting out wants create a budget if you can

Invest your money you save retirement accounts: build assets to support your future self retirement accounts give you money Compound interest time value of money (money now is better than money later) exponential growth long term consistancy (let your money grow for you)

Avoid debt Easuier to get yourself into debt than out emergency fund cash cushion for blind spots with 50000 dollars in debt with minimum payments you wouuld lose 19,000 dollars

Good debt? bridge to a better life (student loans, mortgage, car loan) have a plan to pay them back

Check out the recording of the full talk


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