14 Mar 2024

Computer Club at WMU meeting minutes for February 22nd

Minutes taken by hammer.


crosstangent rezenee hammer gir Kahrl Phet Chris

WMU Info

Hot chocolate Free Dean is having hot chocolate with anyone who wants it March 19th and 20th in the faculty lounge

Giving Day WMU wants your money We just thought you should know

Fall priority registration Its now open if you wait then the freshman get acces in less than two days

Admitted student event being set up this friday from 1 to three

Science Olympiad is this weekend

CClub Stuff

Hackathon Hackathon is march 23rd-24th in 3301 Kohrman hall ccowmu.com/hackathon for info

new leadership? do you want to be a leader? we have five positions coming up President, Vice president, secretary, treasurer, vice treasurer

Eclipse trip! Were going somewhere in ohio we ned to decide this weekend

Game theory talk not about game design, just about game theory

Dinner ??? yes, its at hunan Gardens

Dinnre at hunan Gardens