18 Apr 2024

Computer Club at WMU meeting minutes for February 22nd

Minutes taken by hammer.


crosstangent rezenee hammer Estlin Kahrl Girrocks BMO Posioin Phet Flay spectro sphinx max

WMU Info

Science Olympiad May 4th we will be helping but now writing a test

Admitted student event we finished them and got 300$

CClub Stuff

George kitchen lectures Kalamazoo college is doing a weird math lecture Tuesday april 30th at 7:30 David galiv talking about paradoxes and surprises

Defcon info people going have hotel info tickets are coming soon

Defcon is coming up you need to pay for transportation Food is expensive, reimbirsments take time

Elections are this week President: Reznee: Renee Rickert Vice president: Posion Secretary: Phet Treasurer Estlin Vice Treasurer Girrocks: Brandon Barnes

Dinner at Wings