18 Jan 1996

Meeting minutes for 1/18/96 Computer Club </p><p> Present: Tim Miley, Bryan Newcastle, Darron Christian, Nick Reid, Matthew Mace, Chris Meshkin and Steve Sedore. </p><p> 1) Project with Care-a-van </p><p> Care-a-van needs assistance with their Windows/DOS setup. They need to install Novell Netware, set up some batch files, and install software. Nick, Bryan, Tim and Matthew offered to assist with the installation. We have helped them on previous occasions and money was involved. </p><p> We will contact them and tell them that we have 3 or 4 people interested in helping set up the system. </p><p> 2) Nick asks how much we might sell the XT for. Nick indicated he had a potential buyer for the old IBM PC XT that we received as a donation along with the Apollo Workstations. We agreed on $50. We also agreed to let Nick do the bargaining and that Nick could go as low as $35 to sell the old XT. </p><p> 3) Office cleaning We must get rid of cans, reorganize the office, and get the machines. Several people agreed to come to the office on Saturday at 1:00 and work on the office. Tim asked if we can’t just get all of the equipment on the same day. Tim also volunteered to bring a truck to pick up the refrigerator-sized computers. We need to get rid of cans. Plans were made to get rid of cans. Might get rid of huge HP monitor. </p><p> 4) John Maile’s graphics ideas John would like to start a graphics/sound project for the CCLUB that would offer us a chance to learn more about graphics and have something to show interested parties what the Computer Club can do. Bryan suggested that we could use a ray tracing package to develop a graphics presentation. Nick has a project from Dr. Pinkowski that we may add to his project. Tim suggested that we could make a video using computer graphics. Perhaps we could create an educational program about the internet, using graphics and sounds as illustrations. 5) RA is looking for someone to talk about Internet On Jan 29th and 1 hour long, there will be a discussion in Britton-Hadley Hall about the internet, such as WWW and such. Bryan would like to find 3 or 4 people from the Computer Club to contribute to the discussion. Discussions would cover educational access to the network, such as using archie, veronica, web search engines. His name is Danny Cheah. Contact Bryan if interested. </p><p> 6) Telephone usage Tim reports that we have $640 in the student account. We decided to leave the phone on for now and have long distance disabled. It costs $17 + some money for off campus local calls. </p><p> 7) MEA project We were contacted by a school to find out about the MEA project. We had to refer them to Chris Michaels. </p><p> 8) Adjournment </p><p> </p>