25 Jan 1996

Minutes of the Meeting January 25, 1996 </p><p> Members present: Tim Miley, Bryan Newcastle, John Maile, Steve Sedore, Matthew Mace, Jay Ball, Chris Meshkin, and Nick Reid. </p><p> 1) Graphics project John is interested in doing graphics/sound project. Jay suggests a logo for the group. We may wish to make our web pages more readable as well. John has no specific items in mind. Jay has some experience with POV. The projects would probably be computation-intensive, so running on Yakko would not be wise. Tim asks, “What can POV do?” Jay explains it uses a 3 dimensional universe consisting of objects of various geometric objects to construct an image and you tell the camera position to produce movement. Suns would be a good thing to use. We could also use Multi-process POV and we could use Grog system to multiprocess image. Jay offers his research account for parallel processing and POV. His research account is designated for that use. Suggested projects includes a map of Western for tracing. Even more interesting (grant possibility) could be a walk-through for directing newbies around campus using kiosks. It might take a month to enter the data and another month(?) to render. Tim works for Geography department and will check on a very accurate campus map. Very high or very low quality, depending on time you have to render it. The mapping could be split up into parts, with each of the participating members mapping out a building or terrain. We have a choice of frontends on different architecture. We need a topographical map of the campus to produce the example. We would like to do Dunbar, Dalton, Sprau, Miller, Brown, Fountain, and Shaw. We should check into getting copies of maps from Campus planning and get building dimensions. </p><p> 2) Care-a-Van project Tim contacted Care-a-Van to discuss a project for installing a Windows/Netware network. We are looking for members and a schedule for those who want to participate. Friday at 5:30 PM, we will meet at their office. We can pick up Nick at the Kohrman lab at 5:00. </p><p> 3) Donations Modems 1200 bps and vt52 terminals. About 10 from a fellow. We have a local prompt and we might be able to use them as terminals. We’ll take them. </p><p> 4) Timer We want to dump the Soap Box Derby race timer. Jay suggests that we write them a letter telling them that we are disappointed about not being included. The Office of Student Life and SME will receive the message. We expect an email message to tell us they still wanted. </p><p> 5) VESA controller cards Nick says we have access to $60 hard drive SCSI II controller. Mail Nick for info. </p><p> 6) Hard drives Maxtor has 1.6Gig drives for $279. Chris says Maxtor is OK. Next cheapest price for WD is $304 for same size. If drives are incompatible, we could simply move the drives to another machine. If a drive is at least 1.2, we can upgrade yakko to the current version to Slackware without problems. We might be able to get Ken to backup yakko. General backups are strongly encouraged. </p><p> 7) Cards Nick sold two NI50-10s for $15 for two. Pending sale on XT for $30. </p><p> 8) Refrigerators Told Shawn to email Chris to get a time for this guy to get the fridges. We will get the computers (not the rack yet). We also would like the 9 track drive which is known to have worked with the machine. </p><p> 9) Office hours It’s clean…let’s keep it that way. Also, who has keys? Jay says we have two keys waiting for us. We need to get some paperwork to get the office keys. We might have a floating key for people who hold office hours in the CS department office. What we need is a list of people interested in office hours. Office people: Tim, Jay, John (maybe), Bryan (maybe), Matthew and Steve. </p><p> 10) Memory We need a pair of 16meg simms to bring some more linux machines online. The cost is ~$450 for two 16meg simms. We want to look for the best price on the simms and bring that to the next meeting. We can vote on the memory at the next meeting. </p><p> 11) Adjourned Adjourned at 7:26pm. </p><p> </p>