18 Sep 1997

		Computer Club meeting on 9/18/1997 </p><p> Russel P, James N, Dennis H, Tim M, Ian S, Darren Sl, Darron C, James N, Steve  S, Chris M, Kelly W. </p><p> Petition table- ok...got about 150 signatures.  Suggested to try cancelling tables since it wan't efficient enough.  Agreed to cancel remaining tables. </p><p> Display case coming up soon.  What do we want on it?  Schools with homepages idea.  How about "Deither sucks?"  Idea shot down.  Suggested Deither as BORG. Creative individuals needed.  Sep 29th. </p><p> The mirror from Net-link does not need to be a plug for Net-link.  Don't  Netlink the heck out of this... project status...probably today.  Testing next week some time.  Some quick testing needed...Tim and Darron C. volunteered. As soon as we fix bugs, we will be opening the site.  Still needs acceptable use policy (cover pages).  Just common sense.   </p><p> There will be a form that people must sign and see.  Net-link is thorough about it's enforcement. </p><p> We are now re-registered as an RSO with the Office of Student Life.  Paperwork shuffle done. </p><p> New accounts must be handled by Dennis.  There is an envelope in the cashbox. Put cash in box and send EMAIL to Dennis so we can keep track of payment. </p><p> Working on putting up a database to keep track of the membership.  Manual method too hard to keep track of. </p><p> The MUD issue...The world file is gone, but we can keep the source.  We will be generating our own mud written by the club as a club project, so we don't deal with the copyright hassles.  All work done is CLUB work.  We shuld extend that to any other game/project, if we can.  Get something in writing granting access even after the person has left the club.  The WILEYMUD incident was UGLY.  We don't want a repeat.   </p><p> New club page...nothing fancy...tone it down.  We don't want to "promote" Net-link, just give credit for the mirror.  Objective material must have a cover page.  CGI must be approved by Net-link.  Suggestions to webmaster (frogfarm).  We need to talk to Tim Strunk.  Tim sent mail, but no response. </p><p> No one has ever told us about requiring an approval, but we still have to check this out. </p><p> Trenary says we want to get things taken care of with OSL before the meeting. Dr. Wright has not set a date... </p><p> Jo Wycoff pages...Trenary says she's really busy.  Try making a fancy web page and just making generic page for her.  Jo is busy.  She is also apparently in charge of the main CS page. </p><p> The Ad...one comment, all bad.  The damn thing is pricy.  $260 for 1/4 page for 1 day...holy ca$h, batman!  Steve thinks the money could be better spent elsewhere.  An article was being written, but no word back.  Will this work? The ad is to advertise our ability to post mirror pages for students.  Darren says lots of departments read the paper...word gets around.  We need an attention getter.  Other ads don't seem to attract attention.   </p><p> Motion to postpone advertisement while we explore options.  Possibly Student Trader.  Anyone can write an opinion column.  We need to get someone who is willing to write.  Possibly get in touch with a current opinion writer. </p><p> A person has offered to work with the VAXstations and get them working...has a hobbyists license.  He is working on one of the VAXstations now.  He will help us work on this big time.  He will help us on the condition that he gets to keep one station.  Darron C mailed his father to see if they have old VMS manuals or equipment they want to dump.  Licensing issue MUST BE RESOLVED, but we want to see if they work first. </p><p> We need space.  We have to find a place for a few VAXstations.  Power may be a problem.  We are probably at max power envelope now.  Darren S says we could give those VAXstations to CS for the main CS lab.  Also, Ken might want one. Linux port is out and in beta.  Remote booting daemon is available.  Let's keep a few...suggested 3 or 5.   </p><p> Ian suggested a local newsgroup instead of all of the mail.  This way we could discuss Computer Club issues.  Possibly revive confer CCLUB.  </p><p> We need a printer in the office.  We want ANY printer.  The laser is a pain...Tim and Darren went crazy trying to work with the printer.  Chris M. suggested getting toner for it in case it's cranky and wants a full toner. Patient indiviuals needed to work on it. </p><p> We must try to sell hologram.  Jay left it for us so we could sell it. </p><p> WSA report: the meeting sucked...Tim missed the last one.  Will call Dave Bone. </p><p> Darren jests: I'm selling Crack...anyone want to buy (NOTE TO FEDS: he was kidding...) </p><p> Meeting adjoured at 7:21.  Th-th-th-th-th-that's all, folks! </p><p>