11 Sep 1997

Meeting declared, 6:10 pm </p><p> Steve met w/Chris Michaels today regarding setting up a website for us. He can get it done by Tuesday. It will consist of a machine with FTP access for all our users – that is all we’ll have, no shell, etc – Steve, Tim and Ian will each have limited shell accounts for administration. Name still undecided – wmich.com domain has been reserved, so what other quirky and creative names can we appropriate? yakko.cs.wmich.com (!!!), i think cclub.wmich.com should be picked as well. </p><p> Poof, two more officers have suddenly appeared! </p><p> Policies on this site: Obvious ones like no nudies/porn/copyrighted..read NetLink’s usage policy, that says it all. Ed Quinones is web contact person, questionable pages will go by him. Be nice…this is a great opportunity and a very generous gift. </p><p> (Technical stuff on mirroring of passwords, etc). Administration – when we add member accounts to Yakko, administrative account at NetLink (see above) needs to create their FTP/web account. Members will be unable to change their own passwords on NetLink, and if they change their Yakko password, NetLink’s won’t change! Signup sheet – sign an additional “I’ve read what’s acceptable, this is how I change my password, etc”. Each FTP account will have 10Mb – woo woo! Stats page, list bunch o’ stuff like hits per whatever, where folks came from, for those who care. There will be some CGI made available, they’ll install ones you write as long as they can inspect source. Server will remain Apache. </p><p> SOMEONE should write a script to semi-automate the process… in a manner more friendly than we used w/MIT with those farglin’ numbers. Volunteers will be headhunted. MOTD – “Wanna have your webpage again? Come see us for a signup sheet that explains it all!” That will be made available Tuesday after Steve meets w/Ed on Monday. Then we won’t have to write a script and we’ll just get the folks who are interested in DOING so, and they’ll have to read the acceptable use policy first. (dental cast? blood type? urine sample, stool if you’ve got the time… bend over here for the plunger, sir) </p><p> Yakko account needs to be made for Jay Pike, who will be spearheading the NetLink project for us – Steve will do that tonight. </p><p> Tim: Advertising! Spoke w/Trenary, we went round and round about how asinine this whole thing is. Trenary managed to successfully piss off Dr. Wright and vice versa, so they’re supposed to have a meeting, which hasn’t happened yet. Talked w/reporter at the Herald today, should be a story soon. Since we’ve been stonewalled so far, the longer we wait, the worse they look. Trenary says, keep pushing! We hope to get the article out and the webpages back up more or less at the same time – so we should also run an AD in the Herald for the pages! How much? Dennis says treasury just over a thousand, but advertising rates in Herald are reportedly outrageous. Membership fees should be coming in soon to stabilize our funds. Need to talk to someone about doing artwork for the ad – we need it to look good and we need it fast (next week). Need a cool slogan, also. </p><p> Web-only accounts discussed again, but consensus seems not much point. Focus on 20 bucks a year for full membership+yakko account+discount on pop and snacks :) +voting privileges…(hey, you! PARTICIPATE!) If this whole “situation” drags on we’ll refocus. </p><p> MEMBERSHIPS ARE DUE SOON! September 1st and December 1st are expiration dates for most accounts. Mass e-mail and remind folks to cough up. Thirty days’ grace period. Put the fear of the BOFH into users! </p><p> OFFICERS: Constitution says to be a member you gotta pay membership dues. For officers I would like to say free membership or compensation, but there’s no clause for that. There IS a clause for a five dollar membership, like when I joined, 5 for account, 15 for shell account. So officers could get reduced rate. (John Forcade and John Weber introduced this idea…) Five dollars? Any objections? Passes. </p><p> Steve found a mini-SQL, we need a bloody database for members, enough of this slapdash junk. All new members/renewals etc go to Dennis for verification of payment, etc. Forms will go into a folder until someone gets off their duff and starts USING the database. Spreadsheet needs to get working also. Long-term project, but short-term solution still needed… Steve and Dennis will work together on this one. Good job for SECRETARY… </p><p> Petitions from Bronco Bash – Steve says, 90 signatures. We’re working on more. Petitions go eeeeeeeverywhere. </p><p> Scheduling of Bernhardt Center setup Wed 17 Thu 18, 10-2:30. Talk to Sue Green to get a key. Setup similar to Bronco Bash, with lots of petitions, posterboard w/list of other universities vs. WMU, etc. Steven can fill for an hour between classes…any other volunteers? Tim’s on Wed 12-2:30, we need 10-12 covered… “and then we get to do this next week, too!” This also needs to be advertised; we still have tons of CENSORED flyers; the original setup could be easily made more attractive with minimal effort, so if anyone feels creative, feel free! </p><p> Display case! Here’s where we get to be REAL creative (no obscenity, shucks :). #17, either right outside or right across from Computer room. We’ll have this from the 29th through the 6th…let’s make it EYE CATCHING! Info on how to find the petition, etc. 24th and 25th in Dunbar Hall, we need to bring our own table that time, 10-2:30 again. Outdoor next to the sundial and the sleazy credit card people on the 1st and 2nd of October, 10-2:30 again. Lot of outside exposure – let’s take advantage of it, then move to other strategies to fill up petitions. Go to sympathetic professors? Let’s make some effort to check for duplicate signatures… any other ideas on getting petitions into peoples’ hands, talk to Tim or other officers! WMU has 3,000 people, after all… </p><p> Big sign, “WANT WEB PAGES? COME SIGN PETITION, ,