06 Nov 1997

Steve, Ian, Tim, Darron, Dennis, Jean (in advisory capacity because class was cancelled :) </p><p> Steve: talked to Ken Thies, he says if we put together one of the tables in the lab we can have it. VAXstations here we come! I haven’t talked with Wayne in about a week, he says he’s getting cabling to make sure the entire cluster will network since he’s only tested a few of them at a time. </p><p> There are a bunch of VT220’s in the machine room. If anyone wants to test them out, feel free! </p><p> The packages are almost ready to install on the CS network. Those who are interested should get on it! All the officers are getting bogged down, are there any regular users out there? </p><p> Volunteers wanted to help start returning pop cans! Grab a few every time you leave the office, please… </p><p> The meeting Tuesday went VERY well. Diether seems quite interested in getting student webpages back. Kapenga and Trenary said that when Diether makes up his mind, there is usually no changing it. Kapenga will likely get a grant to purchase and set up equipment. The only reason Yakko did not get pages back is because he wanted to talk to everyone; there WILL be another meeting in ~3 weeks and we will see how that goes. Diether said he wants ALL material that might apply to webpage policies presented then; he is going to talk to administration at other university and see how they have handled the issue. I continue to be very optimistic; the only thing the lawyer brought up was copyright-related. </p><p> Tim: What I found regarding universities and copyright didn’t seem very good, but wasn’t too horrid either. </p><p> Steve: So even though “no copyrighted stuff” is already a de facto policy and also common knowledge, it will be encoded. All the arguments that Richard Wright made were skillfully and enjoyably defeated, and I wish we could have videotaped Wright and Kapenga sitting next to each other… </p><p> Tim: George Korman and Norm Grant seem to have been the ones who have misinformed Wright, offering a million-dollar figure for establishing a VMS system for webpages, the enormous bandwidth drain it would cause… ROFL! </p><p> Steve: All the myths were debunked and it seemed everyone but Wright seemed quite positive – excellent results, considering we only had an hour-long meeting. I mailed Deither a letter thanking him and telling how important it was that all students could have unfettered net.access, not just CS folks. </p><p> The web development team meeting last night also went well. We still need more volunteers, since five people with rather full schedules is not sufficient. Continue to spread the word! </p><p> That’s the agenda, folks! What else? </p><p> Ozz and Darren arrive! </p><p> Ozz: For those who are not aware, my office building is having another open house in conjunction with the Kalamazoo Arts Council this Friday evening. In addition to the usual eclectic assortment of artists, there will be a web design team and maybe my robots. I’m getting a keg of cream soda, there will likely be more stuff. Come to the big warehouse on the corner of Park and Kalamazoo! Also, any volunteers to greet people and make sure stuff stays nailed down are welcomed… </p><p> </p><p> Tim: I want to upgrade us to Redhat 4.2 because every time I try to add a security patch or anything significant, it wants 4.2! I’d like to get this done this weekend, because after the NEXT weekend I’m going to disappear and be working 38 hours a week! Any aspiring rootlings, join me here in the office Sunday afternoon at 3:00 pm and watch me sweat and suffer! </p><p> (Darron and Dennis both have 4.2, they’ll attend) </p><p> I’ll make a MOTD that says BACK UP NOW! </p><p> Darron: A general NFS backup would also be nice, being somewhat overdue… </p><p> Dennis: 87 bucks this week! </p><p> Steve: 6:50, meeting adjourned, signed sealed and delivered. Thanks for being here. </p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p>