13 Nov 1997

November 13th, 1997 </p><p> Present: Steve, Darron, Dennis, Tim, Ian. We’re so lonely here! </p><p> We plan on short and sweet, our agendas are efficient. </p><p> Steve: I got email about the course packs and will meet with the good doctor tomorrow to speak. He sounds still interested. The only problem will be getting office hours sufficient to keep our office open from 9 to 5; if we can’t have someone in here at all times during the first three weeks, I don’t see much point on doing this. It would be a great fund raiser, but if people can’t come in and get them, it will make the club look bad and make our clients (profs) peeved. After I speak with him, I’ll see exactly what he has; I know he has at least one big one of 150-200 pages. I’ll review everyone’s office hours, and people should contact me SOON – by Monday – to let me know their availability. </p><p> Next up: A gentleman came in a few days ago and dropped off three or four motherboards for donation – </p><p> Tim: That was jihad. He believes that they all work. </p><p> Steve: They all appear 486’s with 8Mb, 30-pin SIMMs. </p><p> Tim: He may be bringing in more equipment as well. </p><p> Steve: Anyone feel motivated to check them out and see if they work, feel free. </p><p> </p><p> Tim: I finally detached the malfunctioning tape drive from hologram, and will be dragging it down to Tech Care for evaluation. </p><p> Tim point 2: This Saturday at 4pm we still plan on upgrading Yakko to Redhat 4.2, since Wiley appears more or less stable with it. I’ll make a backup on Odin’s scratch directory…nobody else will be able to get to it, but at least it will have been done. </p><p> </p><p> Steve: Ken will provide Tim and I direct access to the CS web directories. </p><p> </p><p> Another side note: I’m still working on the Quake server for Wiley. I have the server software loaded, now I need the game itself. To install the game we need a DOS emulator, which looks like more hassle than it’s worth. </p><p> Darron: I’ll see if I can’t dredge up the Linux version of Quake. </p><p> Steve: All I need is the DOS program, since the server only uses the data files. </p><p> Tim: Sounds like a good opportunity/excuse to have another DOS machine here. We’ve got everything we need except a monitor and maybe some RAM. Ozz bought some switches for us, we just need him to bring them in. Perhaps we should break down and buy a monitor from Ozz? </p><p> Steve: A lot of the cases sitting around here might be usable, but let’s keep the purchase of a case or two in mind. </p><p> </p><p> Last point: Diether should be back from vacation soon; I expect our next meeting perhaps the week after Thanksgiving. Cross your fingers! </p><p> Other business? </p><p> Treasurer’s report: I left the paperwork at home. </p><p> Steve: I motion we reprimand Dennis. </p><p> All: Seconded! Flog him! </p><p> Meeting adjourned, 6:45. </p><p> </p>