12 Feb 1998

February 12th, 1998 Present: Steve, Tim, Dennis, Darron, Wesley, Ian, Karel </p><p> 6:15pm, we start. </p><p> Steve: I got email from Mike Martins, assistant to Diether. I had mailed him asking about the webpage situation. His response is that Diether and he want to resolve this within the next couple of weeks, and he will get back to me when a date and time have been sent. Dr. Kapenga sent everyone his proposal for equipment, which dramatically undercut everyone else’s estimate (by a factor of ten or so!), which apparently weighed heavily in their decision. I think the meeting will boil down to sheer policy. I’ll be there, as will Tim; Kapenga and Trenary should show also. Unknown if Dr. Wright will be there – he has no relation to us, he passed the buck to Diane Schwartz, so we shall see. </p><p> Chicago trip is still on for March 7th, last Saturday before classes start again. Something interesting came up: We have no non-member policy! in the past it has always been members, but more are welcome. Invite someone along, the more the merrier – throw in cash for gas, bring cash for your own entertainment. </p><p> We STILL need new officers, and I’m gonna say it every meeting until we get some. If we have none, the club will shut down this summer! No more yakko, no more email, no more IRC, no more NOTHIN’! </p><p> Tim: Suggest we start nominations, with elections starting next meeting. We might as well, since they’ll have to be trained anyway. </p><p> Steve: In two weeks I’ve had three different people talk to me, who have no idea of what their schedules will be next year – that might be the only thing stopping them? How about nominations, but no voting ‘til March? </p><p> Darron: Announce nominations and allow public comment? </p><p> Steve: Maybe if we shut off IRC until we have enough officers… </p><p> Darron: Seconded! </p><p> Steve: How about unofficial nominations continually? Notify them of the official nominations as soon as we can legally make them under the constitution. Unofficial nominations begin NOW, and you CAN nominate people who are not here. </p><p> Yakko backups failed again, due to…causes unknown. Ken thought it might have been a scripting error. Home directory is only backed up through the T’s… so users T through Z are still in limbo. It worked okay until it hung on the unknown; Ken is still working on this. In the meantime, if you are a user whose username starts with T through Z, back up your stuff if you care about it! </p><p> The CS web site is now officially up and running, having replaced the old one. As always, suggestions for improvement are welcome (we KNOW there are plenty that could be made!). As before, I would like the webteam to remain as an ongoing team, in charge of Yakko pages and the CS department pages. Jo Wycoff is your contact person at CS. </p><p> VaxStations are finally up and running. Want to play? Jump on one. They are not yet networked with each other or the rest of our machines. DO NOT TURN THEM OFF! If anyone is interested in working with these, any suggestions on what to do with them, etcetera… come on in! At the very least, there are still people in the world hiring VMS programmers… </p><p> Darron: Speaking of Linux. Linux for small devices… very early version for the PalmPilot PDA. </p><p> Tim: Linux for VAX is still in beta, let’s set that up on a spare Vax. </p><p> Steve: Still have six hard drives and seven cases. We’ll be rebuilding one just to teach ourselves how; audience participation is welcome. </p><p> Tim: And of course, the original goal of using the Vaxen as X stations is still a very desirable thing. </p><p> Steve: If nobody has other business, I’ll open nominations now… floor is open for unofficial nominations to officer positions. </p><p> Wesley: I can handle responsibility, but I don’t have a lot of free time. Next semester I’ll have between 15 and 17 credits, so I could be VP? </p><p> Tim: seconded, Steve: thirded </p><p> Steve: Of course, El Presidente will be the hardest to fill.. if we don’t get one, Wesley will take over and share lots of tasks with the secondary VP, so you won’t be blown away. Paul wants to be something… </p><p> Tim: Secretary? </p><p> Steve: Seconded. Remember, people can be nominated for more than one position; it might be nice to give them SOME choice in the matter… what would Darron like to do? Can he count? </p><p> Darron: No. </p><p> Steve: Treasurer! All the books are in order, the only thing you have to do is deposit money… </p><p> Tim: Or you could be VP of finance and report to the treasurer, and figure out how to make more money for the club. </p><p> Steve: I nominate Darron for VP of operations, in charge of hardware, software, and finances… and reporting to treasurer. And if we don’t get a treasurer, you end up counting money. And nominate Tim for VP of finance also, just in case… </p><p> Dennis: Seconded! </p><p> Tim: I don’t wanna be WSA rep. You all knew that already… </p><p> (much discussion of the parking scam/scandal/whatnot) </p><p> Donald’s mom came in to pick up Wakko and the monitor…we need more monitors! Wesley will check out the 50-buck refurbished VGA’s; we have plenty of spare video adapters. Will mail Paul and ask him if he’s still bringing in his spare monitor/card. And see if it’s possible to use the VAXen monitors on PC’s… </p><p> That’s that, meeting over, 6:58pm. Come again… </p><p> </p>