05 Feb 1998

Computer Club Meeting 2/5/1998 </p><p> Members present: Steve, Tim, Jeff, Marcus, Darron, Dennis. </p><p> 1) We STILL NEED OFFICERS, until we start picking names from our user list. Quickly! </p><p> 2) Office hours. Everyone mailed. That looks good, since the crucial hours 12-1 are covered. If you need to add more or change them, talk to steve. Steve will print up something to hang on door. </p><p> 3) Chicago trip. Tentative March 7th, last sat of the spring break. The spring break starts Mar 2 and resume 9th. Most people will be probably back by then. Need list of people who will attend so we can figure out what vehicle to use. Last year, we used the van and that worked well. </p><p> 4) We need more pop/food. We are going through food by the ton here. We had 10 cases of pop and it’s almost gone. Is Target still having a sale? We also need animal crackers, vitner’s chips, etc. Steve will run to Sam’s. </p><p> 5) Wakko is leaving us. Donald will take machine. He will also be taking his monitor. Shall we buy it from him? Maybe the monitor, but the machine is redundant. </p><p> 6) Things to do page on yakko on main page. Look at it. Volunteer! </p><p> 7) Talked to Ken. We will be back on backups list. Hopefully, the problem with NFS is done. We will get backup on Saturday at 3:00 AM. Also, he has no spare NT licenses, but we can get license for $45 (probably client, must ask). Is this something we would be interested in? </p><p> We will be archiving a copy of the Mayhem MUD so we can move the Wiley Machine to NT. Let all officers know before you move it to NT. </p><p> 8) VAXen. Contacted Wayne. Probably this Saturday. Around 4:00 PM. </p><p> 9) Someone asked about tutoring for CS111. Is this something we want to do as a club? Do we have volunteers for the lower classes? Does anyone care? Probably tutoring C++. </p><p> 10) Paul offered the use of his monitor and Diamond Stealth card. Tim suggests running X off yakko. We need a mouse. Ozz still has a switch for us. </p><p> 11) Paul and Ian are writing the linux newbie mnanual. </p><p> 12) Declan McCullagh. What week? Steve suggested March 25th. We’ll give Declan the choice that week. </p><p> 13) Treasurer’s report. Made $73 in sales. No total available. </p><p> 14) Adjourned at 6:57 PM. </p>