02 Apr 1998

April 2nd Present: Steve, Dennis, Tim, Wesley, Isaac, Paul, Kelly, Ian and 1 guest Darron arrives slightly late </p><p> Steve: Since I wasn’t here last week, congrats to all the new officers. Thanks to all old officers for their assistance this past year. Two more meetings this year, no meeting the week of finals, so I’d like to start new officers in their positions with this meeting, and let old officers train them for the remainder of the year. So pair up with your partner. </p><p> Coursepacks! Dr Platkowski has two packs for publishing and needs a contact person in the club – </p><p> Tim: Falls into my office as fundraiser. </p><p> Steve: Let Kinko’s do it if you have to… you don’t want to be up all night recollating. </p><p> Tim: I’d like to compare coursepacks to see what changed, perhaps only print certain pages. </p><p> Steve: With 500 pages, he’s not likely to throw it out completely. </p><p> </p><p> Shopping… </p><p> Tim: Sam’s Club is 30 bucks a year, might be a good idea to get membership for the club instead of relying on Kim’s. We should only need one picture ID - business membership offers additional ones if necessary. </p><p> </p><p> Steve: Apparently last week we talked about upgrading Yakko…why is it that you wait ‘til I’m not here to start spending money? Tim? </p><p> Anyway, Yakko does need an upgrade, how much of one is questionable. CD-R and controller still on agenda; motherboard price looks good; naturally we need monitors, but new ones would be too much. A new case/power supply would be nice… my heart has stopped beating so fast. </p><p> Tim: I was going for overkill to ensure I’d get something. </p><p> Isaac: I want another sound card in here… </p><p> </p><p> Last agenda item: </p><p> Steve: I remind everyone membership is ten bucks a year, and members get a shell account on Yakko and have the option to put a webpage on yakko.com. Forms are usually in the filer by the door; make copies if needed. Recruit members all the time. Last meeting of the semester will be pizza and movies just for fun..maybe some disk throwing contests. Please RSVP so we know how much pizza to order. </p><p> No added business or gut-spilling? Tim, you already said your piece… </p><p> Tim: Yakko backups have been done. You should still archive anything truly important! </p><p> Well, I guess that was reasonably important… </p><p> Tim: Oh yeah, what’s up with Diether? </p><p> Steve: I keep corresponding with someone who keeps telling me he’ll talk to Diether… no other word. </p><p> That’s it, 6:36. </p><p> </p>