09 Apr 1998

People here: Paul, Dennis, Tim, Sean, Steve, Wes, Darron, Ozz, Isaac & Rebecca; the late comer: Kelly/Nike . </p><p> Issue One: Wes’s First time presiding. He can be reached through info by the light switch in the office. He says, “Hi!” </p><p> Issue Two: Pizza party next week. Meet in room #3512 Knauss. Email tmiley@yakko.cs.wmich.edu if you wanna go. Movies will be shown: Hackers, and Star Trek VI. Hackers will be shown first. [You must RSVP Tim by Wed, if not: you no go!] </p><p> Issue Three: For the yakko upgrade, we purchased: AMD-K6 233MHz We would still like a CD-burner, a new monitor… etc. </p><p> Issue Four: Firewall? We think we might need one? </p><p> Issue Five: The web page, is lame. We need to update it. Volunteers? New Logo? Isaac would like to try. Advertise URL around campus. </p><p> Issue Six: CS web pages need neat stuff. JAVA stuff? Assorted Pretty things? Should UPE be helping us? Let’s ask them. At any rate, the CS pages need work. Deadline: Soon. </p><p> Issue Seven: Cookies := { Purest Evil } </p><p> Issue Eight: Ozz := { Dan Quale | Flack Taker } </p><p> Issue Nine: IRC should be moved to Peoples home machines. Win32 versions would probably be better anyway. People who don’t have their own PC’s shouldn’t worry. People with their own machines, should however, make an attempt to keep it in the home. Upload Free-ware Win32 IRC programs to the Yakko pub FTP site. </p><p> </p><p> Adjourned: 18:41 mEST. </p><p> </p>