17 Sep 1998

People here: Ozz Wesley, Devon, Kelley, Darron C (paranoid), Becky, Isaac Gabriel, John, Paul, The Timinator (via phone) </p><p>

  • People had trouble setting up modems. 1. Linux Install Party Leftovers 2. PPP? It’s a little weird. 3. At least one person stopped by. </p><p>
  • Ozz circulated survey 1. What do you want members? 2. Several Members expressed the need for demographics. 3. The consensus was that we’ll be able to get members with similar interests together. </p><p>
  • Speakers: Rodney Brooks, Patricia Chruchland. 1. Ozz wants speakers. 2. Ozz thinks the Cclub shouldn’t have to pay (could be an interesting precedent). a. Maybe the individual departments would pay? b. Maybe WSA would pay? c. Maybe WMU would pay (Student Budget Allocation Committee). </p><p>
  • Treasurer thing: 1. One course pack… $20 in hole 2. Nine new members! 3. Two RedHat CDs </p><p>


  • We need ..+–== Monitors ==–+.. !! </p><p>
  • We need HDDs. </p><p>
  • We need to be able to access the bank account. - Tim can’t think, but he can push buttons. - Wesley was thinking about getting a Lego robot for a thesis. </p>