10 Sep 1998

Computer Club Meeting Minutes 9/10/1998

Members present: Darron Christian, Wesley Leonard, The Ghost of Jay Ball, Rebecca Palen, Ozz, Issac Rzonca, John Barber.

1) Looking for help with tutoring kids.

2) Need to recruit. We need to advertise. Wes got us into the phone book. We'll be in Glances. Possibly an advertisement on cs motd.

3) Business/fundraising op. Someone from Excel contacted us about hooking up with Excel communications. Possibly making money for club. Ozz suggests this is a Tupperware version of Long Distance. Pyramid Scheme? yuck A 1-900-XXX-SEXX line would be more acceptable. Maybe a porn site? No...we tried that! :^)

4) Listbot list called cclub newsletter. To subscribe, contact http://cclub_newsletter.listbot.com. Maybe we need a few new aliases, like president, etc.

5) Treasurer's report: $60 from stuff sale and $570 from coursepacks.

6) Linux install party next week: We need to advertise in Glances. RSVP. Ozz says we can get a few disks burned. We will try to advertise with CS dept. Somebody needs to make up signs and stick them on campus NOW. Food: pop & snacks. Bring your own machine or hard drive (preferably the whole machine).

7) More office hours. We could use them. CS people don't wake up early, so not a big deal for morning. :^)

8) Cleaning...the office is a total STY. Cleaning is not difficult...give it a try.

9) ACM competition. Ozz detailed some benefits of joining programming team. Sep 16-17 from 5-8 PM. Let's bring some people in and blow Kapenga's mind.

10) We should notify some cs profs about coursepacks. It is probably a good idea to let the CS dept know that we can sell them. No reason to stop at CS.

11) CS web page. Kaminski may need help. Paul contacted Kaminski with an offer to help.

12) Peirce. We need to deliver a security report on our current situation.

13) Sun 3 workstations. Selling DEC crap would be bad, since lose money in shipping.

14) Web pages issue. Contact El Presidente Elson Floyd.

15) IEEE. Let's open dialogue.

16) Forwarding account XXX@alum.wmich.edu for those who graduate. Call up the Alumni Assoc and sell them on the idea.

17) Adjourned at 7:03. Jay votes we go to Pilsen Club, get loaded, and spend club money. Leonard, Jay says HELLO.