01 Oct 1998

Computer Club meeting 10/01/1998 </p><p> Members present: Tim Miley, Darron Christian, Andrew Oswald, Kelly Weaver, Rebecca Palen, Isaac Rzonca, Christine, Paul Miller, Barb Jotzke, . </p><p> </p><p> 1) Introduction </p><p> 2) Treasurer’s report. Coursepacks in black…whole $5!. Cashbox: $75.94 Total: $170.94. GT: $1800 </p><p> Treasurer is po’ed at the bank. Teller gave Nike trouble. </p><p> Possibility: Switch banks, get Dr. T to close and reopen account. Wait for Dennis. </p><p> Discussion includes dealing with teller with bad attitude. The treasurer agreed to write a letter. </p><p> 3) Proposal: hard drive for yakko. Yakko has two hard drives, and we’re short one for brain. So, let’s purchase a hard drive from Ozy Robotics. 6 Gig Fujitsu HD is available for $200 + tax. Motion carried and passed unanimously. </p><p> 4) Proposal: Monitors…working ones, that is. Proposal to buy two warrantied good monitors for $150 each. Motion passed and carried unanimously. </p><p> 5) Firewall issues. What hardware do we need for a firewall? Darron says, we need just working hard drive, monitor. </p><p> 6) Proposal: Linux party was successful…members (note: most not present!) gained. CDs are a really good draw. We also need to deal with backups. Proposal to authorize glob of money for scsi card and burner to do service in house. $500. Objections were raised about using a backup medium. i </p><p> Motion to purchase CD-R carried with some abstentions. </p><p> 7) Webmaster report: Redid the icons. Asked to verify the connection to yakko.com. </p><p> 8) Request for a script file to set up accounts. Tim agreed. </p><p> 9) Tim: We need a major project. Suggested by a prospective member is to get older computers, set them up, refurbish them, and donate them to schools, poorer countries in the third world, loaner computers, etc. The local schools idea didn’t go too hot: too much support. </p><p> An idea on taking over the world was suggested. Complaints registered about automated lights and stairs of Hades. Tabled until next meeting. </p><p> 10) Talks proposed. Possibly talks on Java, HTML, VMS, etc. </p><p> 11) Adjourned at 6:53 PM. </p>