08 Oct 1998

People that were there: Wes, Tim, Paul, Gabriel, Issac, Chris, Becky, Kelly, Bob, nick, Anastasia, Daryl.

1. Windows sucks. Windows '98 sucks really bad.

2. Issac is an inflatable woman.

3. K-9 is a dog project. Needs work.

4. Insanity happened.

5. $227.14. Another Course pack? Purchased office supplies. Need for pens to stay here. Checking account: Trenary is mad. Monday it's going to get fixed! Same bank, new account. In April, we NEED to fix the new account for the next people!

6. Bleach vinaigrette

7. Course-packs look set. Piatkowski got his copies. Let's not go overkill next time.

8. Wes and Jet are going to KLUG Tuesday. Wanna go?

9. NT bites too. Wes used a VMS machine instead.

10. Conquer talks occurred. Addictive, god is the timinator, admiral smashing, plagues, armies, food, taxes. Players needed. Resets at 12:00.

11. Timer talk. SME Society. Timer-people needed! Soap Box Derby. E-mail pacd@yakko.cs.wmich.edu if interested.

12. Daryl was looking for women. We made the Cclub sound cool.

13. WesCAt R3boots alot.

14. We need a Good(tm) project. a. Making computers. Givin' 'em away. b. Ozz wantsta do something easier. c. Making a programming project. d. Put accounts in big SQL database. e. Firewall? f. Port LINUX to VAXstation 3100's