05 Nov 1998

Informal Meeting: 11/5/1998

Present: Phorceph, pacd, Poetic, basiph, Errol (visitor)

1. Contacted DECUS finally... got membership forms coming. Will get licenses soon...

2. IRC Prison constructed. Tim and Isaac set it up on a 486.

3. Ozz and Ian just showed up...

4. Open house friday night at Ozz's workshop building: 326 W. Kalamazoo Ave. Ozz is looking for assistants. 5. Tim and Isaac founds pics of soap box racing cars measuring time device. People go fast on the Louge.

6. Ozz has renewed.

7. http://www.microsoff.com, http://www.kmfms.com

8. Computer Science Dept. moving out of Dunbar Hall next summer

9. Floor tile is asbestos based. Be careful when dragging furniture.

10. We now have the ability to add users to yakko.cs.wmich.com (netlink)

11. WMU=deathtrap

closed 7:15