29 Oct 1998

Computer Club Meeting Minutes for 10/29/1998 </p><p> Members present: Tim Miley, Darron Christian, Wesley Leonard, Isaac Rzonca, Kelly Weaver, Gabriel Ripoche, Aaron, Arvell. </p><p> 1) Pirate RADIO, internet style. Frogfarm and tmiley thought of setting up a radio station on the internet. Initially, we could parrot WIDR, with their permission. We could also start our own programming. Legal issues were brought up, along with bandwidth issues. Equipment issues. Wesley agreed to do some research. Isaac said he would look up the legal issues. </p><p> 2) WMU year 2000 workshop (y2k@wmich.edu) held by Doug Carneal, associate directory of planning and development. When? Where? </p><p> 3) Treasurer’s report: </p><p> We have a discrepancy in the checking acct. Where did it go? $200. We’re still tracking it down. $136 in rolled change was collected from the bottom of the desk drawer…$27 in pennies! Kelly pumped copper. :^) </p><p> The CCLUB’s on campus account got $200 to cover phone expenses. </p><p> Cash box was $67.41, $40 in membership. Total was $107.41. </p><p> 4) Movie party…Evil Dead/Evil Dead II were suggested. Tim suggested Sneakers. 5th Element, Starship Troopers Isaac gags. Someone suggested Wargames whilst snickering. </p><p> 5) Latest hacker annoyance was detailed. Nothing was damaged. The firewall is soon to be running. </p><p> 6) Adjourned at 6:37 in RECORD TIME! </p><p> </p>