19 Nov 1998

Computer Club Meeting for 11/19/1998 </p><p> Members present: Tim Miley, Wesley Leonard, Isaac Rzonca, Paul Miller, Kelly Weaver, Gabriel Ripoche, Andrew Oswald, Rebecca Palen, Daryl Findley, Araz Etminan, Jeremy Jubenville, Brian Battah, many many others. </p><p> 1) Pentium machine…an Xwindows machine. Purchase vote: Yeas have it. Cost ~$350. </p><p> 2) Sam’s Club. Do we want membership for the club? </p><p> 3) Packet filtering…we have a firewall set up between yakko and the rest of the world. </p><p> 4) Brian spoke about the sparseness of computer science courses at WMU and is looking for people who have been having problems with getting core classes. Brian spoke to Dr. Gupta. It was suggested that the problem in the CS dept is budgetary. Buildings, not professors, etc. Education dept is said to have the same problems. </p><p> 5) Talk to Elson Floyd about webpages on WMU systems. We need to send email about our problem. Tim and Wes will work on a message to him. </p><p> 6) Internet ‘Radio’ project. We need software and hardware. </p><p> 7) Treasurer’s report: $42.70 sales, $70 memberships. Checking: $1267.42 as of 10/31. </p><p> 8) Movie party. Refreshments include pop and movie. </p><p> 9) CD burner update. What? Where? How? Ozz? Discussion detailed problems with getting both the hardware and the coursepacks. Tabled until next year. </p><p> 10) Adjourned at 7:13 PM. </p><p> </p>