03 Dec 1998

Thu Dec 3 1998 </p><p> argh, color vi. frogfarm taking minutes. lotsa ppl but no prez. </p><p> Only thing on agenda is ozz questioning the motd star trek. Is everyone going? Resounding cheer. We need comm badges and pointy ears. Can we invoke some organization on this event? Tim is delegated to be organizer for being stupid enough to speak up and say “Um…” </p><p> Tim: All those interested in going to Star Trek: Insurrection, email tmiley and we’ll put the date/time in the motd when we find out where we’re seeing it, how many will be attending, when I go buy tickets. Might Rebecca be able to buy tickets, since I work 8 to 5? Rebecca and Paul volunteer since Paul is completely geeked about seeing it. Isaac hopes we’ll see the Star Wars trailer. </p><p> Paul motions to go to the Star Theater in Grand Rapids, he’ll drive up and buy the tickets. Tim wants a University van to drive up in… now we suddenly have a subcommittee. A mountain of groaning to produce a mouse. </p><p> Ozz: next topic. Tell us about money. </p><p> TREASURER’S REPORT: </p><p> Kelly: Last two weeks we made $52 in pop sales and had $44 in memberships. We’ve got some money but we’re not stinking rick. Checking account is btwn 1,200 and 1,400 bucks depending on what checks have cleared. </p><p> Ozz: Webmaster have anything to contribute? </p><p> Isaac: Let’s put something in motd…I don’t think it’s long enough. </p><p> [blah blah blah] </p><p> Ozz: Much time has been wasted with your pointless yammering. I reprimand thee. Which movie do we watch first? Most vote for 5th Element. We shoulda got Drunken Master. </p><p> Possibilities: </p><p> Do we wanna provide some kinda free DNS service for WMU students or CClub members, now that ml.org is down? </p><p> Do we want a naugahyde couch? </p><p> Tim: Did we get a sound card? One that doesn’t suck. </p><p> Isaac: Mine doesn’t suck, it’s an SB16. Oh, you mean for netradio… </p><p> Tim: Do we have a machine powerful enough to run it? </p><p> Isaac: Did we talk to WIDR? </p><p> [Sheesh, I mailed y’all the hardware specs twice now…] </p><p> </p><p> </p>