14 Jan 1999

Computer Club Meeting minutes </p><p> 01/14/1999 </p><p> Members present: Isaac, Kelly, Tim, Rebecca, Wesley, Paul, Christine, Raghu, Ozz, Brian, Skeeter. </p><p> 1) Office hours…we need more office hours. Sign up. We need more people to sell coursepacks. If interested, contact Wes. </p><p> 2) Linux install party (after they fix 5.2). X is broken on Wes’s machine. Jettero and his roommate had problems with 5.2 and was forced to move back to 5.1. No party scheduled at this time. Maybe in February. </p><p> 3) Annual trip to Chicago. Battletech is gone. Let’s visit the Plane-arium! Looking for ideas…doesn’t have to be in Chicago. Tim located Battletech in a place called Dave & Buster’s. It’s located at 1030 N. Clark, Chicago, IL. Yes!!! </p><p> 4) CD-rewritables…buy, buy, buy!!! We’ll have to wait on the coursepack situation first. </p><p> 5) Found information on net-radio. Shoutcast, which works with Winamp (an M3 player), is available. Can be a server on any os, running through a Win machine with Winamp. ‘Pirate’ radio, here we come! Bandwidth would be high. Possible UCC problem could occur. We could stream WIDR, with THEIR PERMISSION. Windows needed on the ‘station’ end. Jettero suggests we could provide an NT box to WIDR to send the signal to us. </p><p> Who would be interested in this endeavour? Tim, Isaac, Brian, Wesley volunteer. Tim suggests a Furby radio station…silence Ozz votes to ban Furby and Barney (EVIL). </p><p> 6) VMS machines….oh, no. Wes joined DECUS (can we call it COMPAQUS?) Can’t seem to get licenses. We might need to go to UCC and ask for help on licensing issues. Who has interest in getting VMS running? Wes, Tim volunteered. </p><p> 7) Web pages…Dr. Trenary suggests we talk to Floyd about student web pages. Let’s go to Dr. Floyd. </p><p> 8) News server…do we want one? </p><p> 9) Robot…to wander down the hall. Let’s get K9 working. Maybe programming with a robot. </p><p> 10) Elections. Brian nominated for secretary last meeting. Paul nominated for VP of ops. Brian elected to secretary. Paul elected to VP of Ops. </p><p> 11) Nominations for VP of Fundraising. Christine nominated. We will close nominations next week. </p><p> 12) Treasurer report: 119.60 cashbox, 54.00 membership/cds. 385.00 coursei packs. Total $501.60. </p><p> 13) Coursepacks: is anyone willing to volunteer to look for more coursepack business? Ozz volunteers go to looking. </p><p> 14) James may have more equipment. Do we want to acquire it? Ozz suggests we do. Tim will contact James about the equipment. </p><p> 15) Project: modern art with computer leftovers. Let’s sell it for a million to the University. </p><p> 16) Adjourned at 7:33 PM. </p><p> </p><p> </p>