08 Apr 1999

Present: Pacd, Olorun, Ozz, Maartin, Jettero, Jhmillar, Isaac, Poetic, Cadium, Swoosh. </p><p> Last minute Nominations: </p><p> Poetic for Pr Person. Wes for Pr. Person. Ozz nominated Paul for VP of Operations. </p><p> </p><p> Elections Votings 9 for 0 opposed, Nike for Treasurer. 9 for 0 Opposed, Olorun for Secretary. 9 for 0 Opposed, Maartin for VP of Finance. 9 for 0 Opposed, Jettero for VP of Operations. 9 for 0 Opposed, Poetic for PR. Person. 0 for 9 Opposed, Pacd for PR Person… (Bummer) 9 for 0 Opposed, Ozz for President. (One abstention) 10 for 0 Opposed, Wes for Vice President. </p><p> </p><p> Elections Completed… Elections Effective officially begginning of Fall Semester. </p><p> 1.)Need to contact Elson Floyd about anti- Richard Wright sentinment. 2.)Contact Soc Department person about the effort to raise money. Offer to sell coursepacks for the Soc department and give cut of profits. Also to “pass the hat” at our movie party next week. </p><p> 3.)Everyone Come to the Movie Party next week? 4.)Anyone interested in seeing the Matrix tommorow??? 5.)Meeting Adjourned: 7:32. </p><p> </p>