17 Jun 1999

Thu Jun 17 18:11:24 EDT 1999 </p><p> Present: Wes, Isaac, Ozz, Kelly, Ian (taking minutes) </p><p> o Pop and candy prices are debating being raised. Isaac says pop should stay the same since there isn’t even a pop machine in this building. Much debate ensues. The candy is more expensive and makes more of a dent; people REALLY NEED TO STOP EATING AND THROWING CASH IN WHENEVER THEY FEEL LIKE IT! Even if we make an cash/inventory flow sheet, people are going to have to track each and every sale…there is no substitute for getting your ducks in a row. Ozz wishes to track the problem for a month and see how bad it is before we decide on a “solution” that might end up backfiring. After all, as long as we’re not losing hand over fist, it’s just good will/advertising for us. So the accounts will be tracked for a month starting with the next store run, and we’ll have another report at the end of the summer. </p><p> o WIDR. Tarkaan (Brian Ream) wants us to be his legacy and is working on it. Starting this summer (or fall), Wes wants to talk to whoever Brian;s talking to and get a clearer idea of things; they want hard numbers on bandwidth and we need hard details on licensing. (Bandwidth can be tuned to compensate for problems; licensing can’t be worked around.) Icecast naturally – opensource and runs under Linux, since Real’s sound quality and license structure is sooper lame. </p><p> o Wes is thinking of reoutfitting Wakko since one hard drive is full, add a 5-6Gb from Ozz, take the other crap out and it’ll make a rather nice burner or streamer. Ozz says decide on price and let that determine size, rather than the other way around. </p><p> o Remember, KLUG meets in 2205 Dunbar every Tuesday at 7pm. http://klug.armintl.com for more information. Support, come out, have fun! </p><p> o Next semester’s computer club meetings. From going to KLUG meetings I have learned we need more structure. They have business first, then presentation, then talk and food. Wes has come up with some presentation ideas and more are welcome (Jettero has some great stuff on Perl, Karel can do BeOS, Christine and Ozz could do robotics…) They should definitely be organized better. Grabassing abounds. </p><p> o The printer situation. Are we gonna get a new one? All these old ones are refusing to cooperate. The parallel plug on the Canon got damaged and the others are Bad. Net worth is still ~1500 right now, so after we do a store run and pay the phone bill we should have about a grand. The Canon DOES work to print plain text, but nothing else; could we perhaps plug in a PCL cart and make it do Postscript? Ozz recommends moderate cost laser printer but says go the distance and get an expensive one; Isaac suggests renting one since it won’t even be used three months out of the year, which Ozz doesn’t like unless we rent it from him. But if it’s to be used by the general campus and not just casual members, we’ll need decent equipment to handle the load without breaking down. We may end up charging a nickel a page for non-members. Cover page for cclub print jobs should have a cclub advertisement…Wes also likes having a printer, says last time we knew the print server was ready to have a printer hooked up to it. </p><p> o Our online membership form is kinda lame. Isaac will see what he can do… </p><p> o Bronco Bash is coming. Wes got the application, we will have a table as usual. How can we top the CENSORED BY WMU fiasco? Maybe a booth with goggles and a sledgehammer and some old computer equipment, so people can take out their aggressions on computers in general, school, the UCC…MAIL SUGGESTIONS NOW! The bash is Monday August 30th and starts around 3pm, so get your ideas in before then and let us know if you can help set up, work the table, etc. Wes will print up more membership forms. </p><p> o Remember, WMU is trying to elect a new CIO (computer information officer). </p><p> o Ozz: Paul isn’t here. Orien recently typed up a set of rules to abide by when using CS machines and the campus network in general, which Paul TeX’d to make them look nice. Paul and Ozz believe these should be incorporated into the membership forms as an adjunct to or replacement for the existing acceptable use policy, and will talk to Orien regarding this. </p><p> o Richard Wright has applied to be VP of Information Technology, which means he is one of four candidates for the position. The talks are open to faculty and staff only, apparently; we have seen no direct invitation to students. The first meeting was today at 2 o’clock; we missed it. The 2nd is Monday the 21st at 2 o’clock at the Fetzer lecture hall. Another Wednesday the 30th at 2 o’clock, also at the Fetzer center, where Wright will give a presentation on “Supporting the Research University Through Information Technology”. Tuesday July 14th at 9:15 am will be the fourth candidate. We should be there asking intelligent and insightful questions and showing a student presence. The June 30th one is two weeks away; as much as possible should be discussed and planned with Trenary and Kapenga. </p><p> o Trenary is looking for responsible CGI/Perl people to do webpage jobs. Mail trenary@cs.wmich.edu for details. </p><p> o That’s all, there is, no more. </p>