14 Oct 1999

Present: Pacd, Olorun, Ozz, zrodger, Phorceph, Jettero, Maartin, Orien, Tmiley, Zahpod, (magoo’s gohst). </p><p> Recruiter Ralph Worick - “Unitrac” www.unitrac.com. Ralph plans to be present next week as well - drop by if interested. Looking for Programmers, Support, Interns etc. </p><p> Contact Dr. Trenary. </p><p> Unitrac Software Corporation (President Greg Ozuzu) 141 East Michigan Avenue Kalamazoo, Michigan 49007 USA Phone - 616-344-0220 ext 230 </p><p> Maartin, Jettero, Camber and .5 of a Wes Will be giving the budget presentation. Saturday at 1:30pm in the Bernhard room 204. </p><p> </p><p> Pros Presentations in Dunbar, Proff’s need access. Prototype for Campus. </p><p> Tentatively a talk by Roger Zaney on “The Worlds Greatest Editor” - Emacs. Scheduled for the 28th after the meeting at 6pm. </p><p> </p><p> Meeting Adjourned </p>