06 Oct 1999

present: olorun, pacd, camber, Orien, isaac, tmiley zrodger, zaphod zero_iq, morgs. (Conspicuously ~Ozz)

Items of business:

Streaming WIDR NETWORK TEST tonight. We need to fill out the form in order to get WSA funding. Then need a presentation either the 16th or 18th of Oct.

Morgs is going to visit Trenary with the WIDR idea and approval of his wireless lan idea. He volunteered to do "paperwork." - does that suond like our Trenary?

The goal will be to create a machine and set it up over in faunce etc.

We got a black only printer to set up.

Sell a help document for unix stuff. -We could even just FIND something appropriate and produce it at the appropriate time. (hint beginning 111)

Create more signs for our candied goods.

CD-Burner. XCDroast Do we want to burn copies of BSWare? Do we want to release our own copies of rpms kept on yakko?

Set up USENET groups with full content for club members and restrict access.

Eschelon day ? Roger gives a small description of the alleged Eschelon. Supposed to be the 18th. This is a program which is supposedly scanning for keywords.

Voting: New Treasurer nominated previuosly Camber Speech: "My goal is to make sure checks don't bounce."

Unanimous with all present... (refer to line 1)

An orange wall is discussed. (Must attend to understand.)

6:40 Meeting adjourned - time to actually do stuff!

(No finance reports).