28 Oct 1999

Present: Olorun, Pacd, Phorceph, Ozz, Jettero, Camber, Maartin, Tmiley, Gebedo, Rattles, Zaphod, Jeremy.

Budget Meeting, 1:30 Saturday. (Rescheduled from the Incorrect Previous Date) Maartin does a dry run to refresh us on the proposals. Aaaaaaaaaaaaacccchoooooo. - Bless You. Note, Bigelow would be also able to recieve WIDR.

Emacs Talk rescheduled to NEXT WEEK after the Meeting. The Conquer Talk is shelved until the code is gone through.

Anybody wanna do a MySQL

$30 New $114.16 In the cashbox.

If someone comes in with money to renew we need to leave a note in the envelope.

If we can summon 1 or 2 warm bodies for the ACM team a free trip to canada to compete. Looks good on resumes and there are recruiters there.

Isaac will run with the sound stuff - we want to play CD's again.

Jettero will look into having club login accounts work on all machines in the office.

Ozz reiterates that 100's of art galleries will be "opening" Nov. 5th and 6th. Ozz is also looking for Crowd Control for his office.

Magoo gives us a 30 day postponement on the tour offer. We'll try again later. Once again that's "Unitrac". Talk to Trenary for more contact.

Meeting Adjourned 6:45.