04 Nov 1999

Meeting 11-4-1999 </p><p> In attendance: </p><p> zaphod, magoo, ozz, pacd, izak, camber, tim, oliver, karell, rogerz, gebedo </p><p> minutes taken by pacd </p><p>

  1. Roger will be doing an Emacs talk after the meeting. Him and Ozz are drumming up support and spreading gospel for the infamous text editor. </p><p>
  2. Ozz’s building is holding an open house/art show w/ free food, wine, art, people, etc. Time/place: Friday, Nov 5th, 5pm - 9pm Saturday, 6th, 11am - 4pm </p><p> Park Trades Center, 326 West Kalamazoo Avenue </p><p> Try to get there on the 5th so you don’t get leftover wine and cheese. Ozz could use assistance in holding the universe together during the show. </p><p> ?. Olorun shows up… </p><p>
  3. Money begging? Christine gave an eloquent presentation but we were sorry to find (err… remember) that WSAC does not fund equipment! (See previous meeting minutes for info on our WIDR and Wireless LAN projects.) </p><p> Further ideas for scamming (err… requesting) money? </p><p> Computer raffle, coursepack funding by WSAC, use cheap/borrowed/donated hardware for WIDR project (temporary?), alternative sources of money–president Floyd, lots of work project: series of presentations about computers from different depts such as poly sci philosophy etc </p><p>
  4. Treasurer’s report 68.08 in cashbox no change in members, coursepacks </p><p> ?. We have 10 BSWare Linux CDs for sale! ($2.00 members) </p><p>
  5. The PacDemon wants to know more about nfs–can anybody do a talk?? possible talk on nov 18th (no meeting on thanksgiving day) </p><p>
  6. The University is having automobile/general/computer auction on Saturday, November 6th, 10:00 am. Location: auditorium, state hospital, grounds 1312 Oakland Drive–follow signs </p><p>
  7. Database talk Tuesday nov 9, 9:00am… refreshments @ 8:45 4201 Dunbar “Multiple representations of data on the web” </p><p> Adjourned at 6:30… Roger is talking two dours down. </p><p>