20 Jan 2000

Members Present: Zaphod, Camber, Phorceph, ovandenb, Rattles, Morgan, Jim,
Guests: Our friends Amy and David DeShon

1. New Secretary Zaphod was elected to the office:
For: 5
Against: 1

2. Treasurer's Report:

Cash Box: $83.80
New Accts: $20.00
Course Packs: $425.00
Bank: $1200.19

3. David and Amy DeShon Present their Research software "Metanoia." These two from AI Cusp, Inc returned armed with a laptop to demonstrate their fine research product (see 12/02/00 minutes for product description). They have offered the club $10 per copy of the software which is sold to people whom we refer. The software costs the user $19.95. We are awaiting approval from the Pres, VP, and Dr. Trenary.

Amy DeShon

4. Phorceph's topic is tabled until next week due to our missing Pres. and V.P.

5. 7:15 Meeting Adjourned