16 Mar 2000

Minutes by Zaphod March 16, 2000, 18:00 </p><p> Present: Pacd, Oz, Camber, Zaphod, Shelly, Phorceph, Rattles, Sumrndm </p><p> </p><p>

  1. Discussed network problems. Hold off on SETI at Home? Do we need a policy against background processes? No SETI@Home until further notice.</p><p>
  2. BNC is okay. An IRC thingy.</p><p>
  3. Shall we turn the finger daemon? The answer is yes! External fingering is no longer allowed. inetd has been reconfigured.</p><p>
  4. Movie pary at Wes’s on April 22nd? Let’s vote. We are at a loss. Let’s decide next week. Better to put it off than to have to think today.</p><p>
  5. Our illustrious speaker, Lawrence Lessig??? What do we know? Probably no money from the provost. Sumrndm is deciding where to go next. Check previous minutes for description.</p><p>
  6. Treasurer’s Report:
    cashbox = $197.27
    bank    = $940.51


  7. Our ex-treasurer is still MIA. We need to get our accounts changed.</p><p>
  8. Meeting adjourned 18:41 </p>