16 Mar 2000

Minutes by Zaphod March 16, 2000, 18:00

Present: Pacd, Oz, Camber, Zaphod, Shelly, Phorceph, Rattles, Sumrndm

1. Discussed network problems. Hold off on SETI at Home? Do we need a policy against background processes? No SETI@Home until further notice.

2. BNC is okay. An IRC thingy.

3. Shall we turn the finger daemon? The answer is yes! External fingering is no longer allowed. inetd has been reconfigured.

4. Movie pary at Wes's on April 22nd? Let's vote. We are at a loss. Let's decide next week. Better to put it off than to have to think today.

5. Our illustrious speaker, Lawrence Lessig??? What do we know? Probably no money from the provost. Sumrndm is deciding where to go next. Check previous minutes for description.

6. Treasurer's Report:

    cashbox = $197.27
    bank    = $940.51

7. Our ex-treasurer is still MIA. We need to get our accounts changed.

8. Meeting adjourned 18:41