23 Mar 2000

       <-  Computer Club Minutes ->            <-     March 23, 2000     ->            <-         6:30 pm        -> </p><p> Members present:     Oz, Wes, Tim, Erik, Izak, Chris, Ed, Magoo, Cabe34,     Shelley, John, Some other new guy  </p><p>  1. Computer Club movie party April 21 at Wes' house.     7:00 pm, he will provide directions at later meeting     Pizza, bring your own beverages and other friends        626 Summer St. </p><p>  2. Oz is leaving the country April 6th for about one     month, over the election period.  We will have new     elections before his departure. </p><p>
    President:       Ed, Wes         Vice President:  Ed, Matt, Wes, Cabe34         Treasurer:       Ed,         Secretary:       Matt, Erik         Anything:        Wes         Finance:                  System Admin:    Ed         Web Master:      Izak         Publicity:       Cabe34      </p><p>
are the nominations.  Oz will probably not be around     because he will be pursuing the dream of something     out side of Kalamazoo.  More nominations next week. </p><p>  3. Sam's Club Pop/Candy run - Wes and Erik, Sunday,     desperate situation, Trenary needs crackers. </p><p>  4. Treasurer's Report:  $ 12.60 short from last week                          $184.67 in cash                          $940.51 in bank </p><p>  5. IMAP Server - Does anyone know how to set one up or     at least figure out how?  Ed says he'll figure it     out. </p><p>  6. Everyone thank Ed for setting up NFS and NIS to allow     login to Dot, Wakko, and Yakko. </p><p>  7. Net-link webpages have apparently ceased to function.     Does this mean we might be able to get our webpages     back?  Ralph will try to find out what happened to     the server.  wmich.com is down.   * We are making a motion to buy wmich.com if it becomes     available, or maybe get our own domain name if not. </p><p>  8. Zanny supposedly has an idea to help us make money by     setting up majordomo and clubs who want to use the     mail server, possibly by paying a yearly Computer Club     membership, etc.  Tim will try it out on Dot first. </p><p>
       <-  Meeting ajourned 7:03 pm  -> </p><p>

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