24 Aug 2000

Start: 6:30pm

End: 7:50pm

Members Present: Phorce Phed, Ed, Mr. Rattles, Pac Demon, Izak, Keith (not member yet), Zaphod

1. Here is the schedule for Bronco Bash so far:

  • 1:00 - Matt, Wes
  • 2:00 - Roger, Matt, Wes
  • 3:00 - Matt, Wes
  • 4:00 - Matt
  • 5:00 - Wes
  • 6:00 - Wes, Erik
  • 7:00 - Erik
  • 8:00 - Erik
  • 9:00 - Erik
  • 10:00 - (tear down/clean up) Wes

2. Phorce Phed got a sweet Discman that plays CDs with MP3s on them

3. The Club ordered Chinese instead of pizza. Hunan Garden's website is www.campusfoods.com

4. Phorce Phed brought in the new Computer Club logo: Mischief. Mayhem. Linux.

5. Some stuff we did over the summer:

  • Got new carpet, cleaned up, got a microwave.
  • Got more comptuers (in excess of 8). Did some nice configurations, Matt can explain. Got majordomo going. New hard drive for Yakko (10 Gig)
  • New logo for Computer Club. Minutes were all converted to HTML.
  • Got a lazy printer. We can burn CDs too
  • Got a Matrix movie poster.

6. First meeting for next semester: September 7.

7. Linux Install Party: September 21, gives us a couple of weeks.

8. Pricing change for CDs, charge $5 for non-members, and for members, 1st CD is free with membership, and following CDs are $2.

9. MySQL project for Wes: User database with tables Members, Projects, Inventory

10. Moneymaker - Could members buy hardware through us and possibly get discounts, and we make money also?

11. First point of business of the first meeting is a domain name for the Computer Club