07 Sep 2000

Members Present: Ed, Wes, Scott, Mike, John, Ashwad, Matt, Isaac, Erik, Rodger, Damon, Tim

Start: 6:12pm

End: 6:49pm

Stuff to do:

  • Get WIDR to give us money for something
  • Keep working on webpage (all in PHP?)
  • Prepare for Linux install party (advertising, etc.)
  • Get guest speakers?

1. Room got cleaned up, network got upgraded, and will be again after meeting. New 30 Gig hard drive for Yakko.

2. Get grant to turn Yakko into a super computer. Vote will be carried out tomorrow. If all goes well, we'll consider what we want to get.

3. We want to put a computer into WIDR, that they pay for, and they could stream directly, with a better stream and people could send email to the disc jockeys.

4. Mailing list. May or may not be working at the moment.

5. Matt found a way to use SSH to forward microphone input to speakers on another computer on the network!

6. We have a real firewall now, and a microwave.

7. The guys downstairs are afraid to get rid of our VAX monitor.

8. Wes is working on an interface for the MySQL to keep track of all of our users in a database.

9. The web form works... it could've always been working... who knows.

10. We're going to have a whole bunch of computer in a cluster. POS -> is that a good name?

11. Are we going to get the free barcode scanners? People could have candy tabs or submit $10 and the scanning will keep track of their spending.

12. Treasurer's Report:

  • $146.19 spent on snacks
  • $20.02 (up from $16.31 from last week)
  • In the bank: $795.95

13. Linux install party two weeks from today. We will get a new shipment of CDs from KLUG in a week (from Tuesday?)

14. Dr. Trenary is getting wireless network hardware that we could hook up.