02 Nov 2000

Minutes 11/02/2000 pacd, zaphod, camber, zapthan <==> Amber, cheddar, maile

1. Super Yakko!! We must buy! Members will buy and get reimbursed. $400 to $600 each.

Wes is in charge of dividing up Those who volounteer: Cheddar: $350 Zaphthan: $200 Pacd: $1000 Zaphod: $400 Camber: $200 Phorceph $200

2. Nominations President: Chad Erik Vice President: Matt Chad Erik Treasurer: Ed Secretary: Wes Erik Bob Publicity: Wes Mike Webmaster: Isaac Sysadmin: Matt Finance: Rodger VP of Robot Heads: Wes

3. New Scripts!! Woohoo!! Members will now be warned before they are expired. Warnings will begin 7 days before expiration. Also, if the network goes down a script now exists to restart it it is run every 5 mins.

4. We RULE! The CS department network went down and we stayed up because we have a better Network.

5. Checking out bastile.

6. $283.64 in cash up $127 over 2 weeks Same ammount in bank account as last week.

7. Movie tonight! Legend of Drunken Master. 9:05....Kalamazoo 10 be there.

8. More Linux installs. Go Ed!!!!!

9. End the Minutes