09 Nov 2000

Start: 6:22pm </p><p> End: 6:53pm </p><p> Members Present: Zaphod, Pacd, Rattles, Cheddar, Bob, ZRodger, Mike, Eclipse, Mercy, NeoKnite </p><p>

  1. We need to figure out the rules for getting our money. We need to make sure when we buy the stuff we get reimbursed. Wes says he will try speaking to Bonny sometime next week. </p><p>
  2. Super Yakko: Once we find out the money-getting situation we can get the goods. </p><p>
  3. You can now earn interest with your PayPal accounts now! </p><p>
  4. We have money, but no treasurer tonight. </p><p>
  5. Considering deleting accounts that have been expired for X number of years. Some have been expired for as much as three years. It’s probably safe to delete those… </p><p>
  6. We should talk to the departments about whether they could post all of the books students might need for that department on their web page. With the TA, etc. discounts, could we make money off of this somehow? </p><p>
  7. Another web-related database idea: Set up a web site where a student could post comments about professors at Western. We have to be concerned about discrimination cases and what people say (filtering this stuff). </p><p>
  8. Elections are still in the air. Nominations are welcome. </p><p>
  9. Matt was thinking about having a presentation about debugging techniques. He is considering doing this presentation some time next semester. </p><p>
  10. We talked about the recent virus that got sent around. We looked at the source code. VBScript is funny </p><p>
  11. Matt showed us what happens if you telnet to bofh.jive.org, port 666. </p>